Remember remember

September 23, 2008

Agency night shift, medical ward, Sunday 3am: a seemingly frail and formerly ‘pleasantly confused’ man in his late sixties picks up his metal drip-stand, smashes a large hole in the the lower window panel, crawls through, then runs across the carpark with blood soaking his pyjama trousers and streaming from his palms. He is chased by a one-armed security guard whose prosthetic limb has an articulated hook at the end. The patient says he had to escape as we were keeping him against his will. He was due to be discharged the next day.

Sunday 7.25am, leaving the ward for home and scraps of sleep, I see this notice on the wall by the door: ‘HAVE YOU REMEMBER TO ACTUALISE YOUR TREND BEFORE GOING HOME’.

I read it three times, then started to read it again and gave up at REMEMBER.

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