The errors of the observer come from the qualities of the human mind.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Every observation is an editorialisation, an act of selection & choice—so you can be sure that what you look at already fits—indeed defines—your typical themes.
M John Harrison

In philosophical terms, Einstein was a realist: he believed that the world exists independently of minds and observations. Hence he bitterly disliked Bohr’s view that the nature of reality depends on what humans choose to observe.
Huw Price


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Lara said

    You work in a hospital! Excellent. You know, agh, who was it? Yes, it was Beckett who spent some time in a hospital. A perfect place for observing. Lucky you. And well done for starting, for joining the blogosphere. I welcome you, as a fellow blogger, and am looking forward to reading you. Go go.

  2. robgcook said

    Thanks Lara.

    The hospital is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere (they say), so there’s a lot to observe… The city around it is fabulous too; or, at least, highly receptive to fabulation.

    So, yes, I’ll go go (on on).

    Stay unstrung.

    Estamos juntos!

  3. tanaudel said

    “Highly receptive to fabulation”. I like that.

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