Exercise 1: A Yellow Alphabet

September 2, 2008

After begging Carmen
“Don’t ever forget!”
going home
I jogged.

Killing long moments,
no other pastime
quite right,
sitting trembling
under velvet-dark windows
examining yesterday’s zeal.

Ozone… yes, excrement
winding viciously
up towards sunlight
robbing quiet pastures
of nothing meaningful
Kites, jonquils, incense.
How God forged Eden.

Darling Carmen
berated all, and
beckoned coarsely

Gladly, humbly,
I killed longing,
meaning never of
restless she to utter.

Vain words – xanthic,
yielding zero.


On the Observation Ward
there’s a hanging basket with pink flowers
which I hadn’t observed before –
but I’ve just observed it now
and I’m vaguely overawed
at the nudeness of the petals and
the limbs of the leaves and
the body of the basket, hanging,
and I almost want to ask it
if it has observed anyone else
observing it
on the Observation Ward.

But I doubt that anyone has as
they all look rather ill,
and bored.